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Proper bra support while exercising post-partum and COMPETITION

By Tessa of, Nov 10 2017 02:27PM

Dear women, this guest blog comes from Tracey Montford of Cake Maternity: a company who sells gorgeous maternity bras with lovely photos of real sized women! She says...

Can exercising affect my breast milk?

The short answer is no [Tessa's edit: but please make sure breastfeeding is established first]. It was commonly thought that lactic acid builds up in breast milk after strenuous exercise. Women were advised to wait up to 90 minutes before breastfeeding.

This theory is now being questioned, as there is no real evidence to support it. As long as mother and baby are comfortable feeding immediately after exercise, it is perfectly fine.

TIP: It is advised to breastfeed or pump before exercise to help reduce the weight of your breasts to ensure greater comfort levels and less bounce.

Feeding baby before exercise will also mean you’d be less likely to be disturbed by a hungry baby part way through your workout.

What are the benefits of wearing a sports bra?

Sports bras are designed for a purpose – to limit movement. Their construction is unique and often complicated.

Avoid wearing your regular bras while exercising. They are not designed in the same way and will not provide the much needed support your breasts need.

You breasts will bounce more and ligament damage is more likely to occur, not to mention the pain and discomfort you could experience.

Nursing sports bra vs Normal sports bra

The benefit of wearing a nursing sports bra over a regular sports bra is that they have been purposefully designed to avoid compression, whilst providing support. The top cups are also designed to avoid cutting into the breast tissue.

One-hand drop down cups also allow you to breastfeed discretely and effectively without removing half your gear. If you are out and about this is super convenient and will help to avoid stress and anxiety.

Choosing the right one for you?

There are a number of different types of sports bras in the market place. It is important to wear the correct type for the type of exercise you are doing.

Low impact sports bra

Low impact exercise includes, Yoga, Pilates, stretching, weights and walking.

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A low impact sports bra is commonly wire free and is made from a seamless type fabric. It has lower levels of support and is usually a simple crop top design with a racer back.

A low impact sports bra should be comfortable and should allow for ease of movement.

Whilst it is not super supportive it should hold your breasts in position and provide some lift.

Medium to High impact sports bra

High impact exercise includes, aerobic classes, boxing or martial arts, running or any other form of exercise that includes bouncing and vigorous amounts of movement.

High impact sports bras are highly constructed and are designed to support and hold the bust in place.

A minimal amount of bounce is achieved through the fabrications, wide padded straps, flexible wire, J hook back strap support, wide back bands, bounce minimizing panels and high center front support.

High Impact sports bras will feel firm and supportive and will not be comfortable for all day wear.

Finding the right fit

Selecting the right high impact sports bra will mean you will no longer need to wear more than one bra at the time.

Take your time in choosing as not all bras will suit your body type.

Visit your local maternity bra specialist and get fitted for your bra. Wait until you are at least 6 weeks postpartum before purchasing the bra. By this stage your body will have learnt to regulate your milk supply. This will help to achieve the optimum fit.

TIP: You get what you pay for. Invest in a good quality bra. It is less likely to stretch and will provide you with an extended period of use.

The competition is to win a Tea Non Wire Bra ( Please like and share the post on FB (, and email with COMPETITION in the title so I can contact the winner. Competition deadline is 10th December 2017. Please note the bra can only be posted to an address in the UK.

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